March 12, 2009

Testimonial - United Kingdom

Name : Ariza Sharikin Binti Abu Bakar
Programme : MSc Building Services Engineering
Institution : Loughborough University

Frankly speaking, I'm totally satisfied with the services which JMECC has offered. Their team are very professional when handling all the application and the commitment they have shown is most appreciated. About the university, I've enjoyed being a student here. The environment here is really suitable for me. Talking about the facilities here, there are so many things provided here and it is convenient for the student.In addition, the academic staffs are helpful and friendly. Loughborough University is a top ten university in UK. I have chosen the right university and I would like to recommend this university to anyone who is planning to study in UK especially those who plan to choose engineering course.

Name: Tan Tee Heng
Previous Institution: SMK St George Taiping
Institution: Bellerbys College

Name: Tammie Seo
Previous Institution: SMK Convent Pulau Tikus
Institution: Bellerbys College

Name: Maithili Arun Patil
Previous Institution: The International School of Penang (Uplands)
Institution: London Hotel School

Testimonial - Australia

Name : Penne Neoh Su Yin
Programme : High School Year 12
Institution : Taylors College
Hello,Nice to hear from you, studying at Taylors was a wonderful experience. The teachers were very helpful and encouraging, they always made sure we were up to date with our work. The structure of our classes and medium of study prepared us for university.The best thing about Taylors College is that I was able to meet different people from different places to know and learn about their country, heritage and culture which was very interesting. All in all, Taylors have provided me with an unforgettable chapter in life, and I do encourage other young students to excel their studies with Taylors College.

Name : Andrew Wong Yann Sheng
Programme : Bachelor of Business - Accounting
Institution : University of Tasmania

The staffs are very helpful at JMECC.

As for university life, you need to be able to exercise self-discipline while you're here because you have to do more self-study and the assignments are more challenging here. Apart from that do take time to explore the nearby places like the Saturday market we have in Hobart.

College food is not really fantastic but still edible. It would be great if future students learn how to cook before they get here. At night it's quite hard to find any eateries outside like in Malaysia. Well, at least that's the case for Hobart and especially in winter.

Name : Goh Mey Chiek
Programme : Intensive English
Institution : Griffith University (English Language Institute)

Greetings to JMECC, we arrived at Brisbane yesterday. So far everything is ok, our accommodation is fine, beautiful and very close to my school. Thank you very much to JMECC for their assistance.

Name : Nashrul Fazli Bin Mohd Nasir
Programme : PhD [Engineering]
Institution : University of Melbourne

I would like to thank JMECC for assisting us from the initial process of application until we reach Australia. Melbourne is a very cosmopolitan city and it can accommodate most of the needs of our fellow Malaysian, namely, food and also places of worship. Public transport is efficient and you can find many fellow Malaysians here who are happy to lend their hand if you need any assistance.The University of Melbourne is one of the top universities in Australia for both undergraduate level and post doctorate. From my previous experience, JMECC will provide you ample information especially on the requirements needed by the university. The training given by the University is a world-class experience and the degree is sought after by many employers.

Name : Raymond Deou Yee Ken
Programme : Bachelor of Business - Marketing & International Business
Institution : University of Tasmania

JM has helped me to find a great place for me to start my University life. The application to UTAS was all handled well and quick. It minimized the pressure and helped me to concentrate on how I am going to survive my first year in Tasmania. So i want to thank JM in general for making the process smooth.

Life as a University student is an experience that shouldn't be missed. It has taught me many important things about money and managing my time. I also learn about the Australian cultures and way of life by making friends with them and joining them in their activities. So to sum it up, going overseas to study, you may need to leave your comfort zone but it will all be worth the invaluable experience. I want to wish anyone who is going overseas all the best and good luck.

Name : Teoh Ee Lin
Programme : Bachelor of Psychology
Institution : University of South Australia

Thanks to JMECC, the procedures for applying to Australian universities were done very efficiently and I did not have to worry about anything as the staffs are always helpful and ready to give any advices if needed. My studying experience in UniSA, Adelaide, is an interesting and eye-opening one. Lecturers and tutors are easily reached via e-mail if we have any questions. One thing I enjoy most about studying in UniSA is that I get to meet many students from all around the world. This helps me in Psychology, the program I'm taking, because I would be meeting different people with different backgrounds and culture in the future!

Name: Tan Yee Gene
Previous Institution: SMJK Choong Hwa
Institution: Taylors College

Name: Tan Jian Hong
Prvious Institution: SMJK Jit Sin (Ind)
Institution: Melbourne Institute of Business & Technology(MIBT)

Name: Paveetrah Rajah
Previous Institution: Nillai International University College,SMK Convent Pulau Tikus
Institution: Melbourne Institute of Business & Technology (MIBT)

Name: Ooi Joon Wei
Previous Institution: SMJK Sin Min
Institution: Taylors College

Name: Ong Xun Huan
Previous Institution: SMJK Chung Ling
Institution: Sydney Institute of Business & Technology (SIBT)

Name: Ong Shi Xui
Previous Institution: Taylors College
Institution: Monash College

Name: Lim Shan Jin
Previous Institution: SMJK Sin Min
Institution: Taylors College

Name: Jeshua Yeoh Jian Yung
Previous Institution: SMK Hamid Khan
Institution: South Australia Institute of Business & Technology (SAIBT)

Testimonial - United States

Name: Lee Wen Min
Previous Institution: SMJK Perempuan China Pulau Pinang
Instituion: Dean College

Name: Teoh Eong Earn
Previous Institution: SMJK Chung Hwa Confucian
Institution: Fisher College

Testimonial - New Zealand

Name : Cheng Vern Jou
Programme : Master of Science in Food Science
Institution : University of Otago

The people here are extremely helpful and I felt welcomed the instant I came here and I still felt that way. Just went through the long winter, it's spring now and flowers are starting to bloom. I am starting to appreciate flowers and sunshine after winter, since previously it was taken for granted to have sunshine the whole year round in Malaysia. However after going through winter, I just realized their presence made that much difference.

Name : Law Hwa Siang
Programme : Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design
Institution : UCOL

I've already started teaching and it's been 2 months, everything is fine and well. I'm very grateful for the services that JMECC has provided; thanks for sending the emails on behalf of my parents! They've done all the procedures very fast and efficiently, which are great, also patiently explaining and answering all the enquiries we had made.

Name : Nik Fadzly Bin Nik Rosely
Programme : PhD [Science]
Institution : Victoria University of Wellington

New Zealand is one of the most unique countries in the world. Almost geographically isolated from the rest of the world, New Zealand offers the most unique opportunity in natural science studies. However, the procedure and regulations to study in New Zealand is also one of the most particular and pedantic process. Luckily, JMECC was there for us. The staff are really helpful, friendly and very efficient in helping out with the process. For me and my wife, our registration process at Victoria University of Wellington, visa application and even the initial temporary accommodation were done by JMECC. Best of all, it’s free!We've been in New Zealand for a year and a half (and blessed with a baby recently). Life in New Zealand is quite challenging, but it is also one of the most memorable experiences in our lives.

Name : Nurul Husna Binti Mohd Shukri
Programme : MSc [Human Nutrition]
Institution : Massey University

I arrived at Massey University on 8th July. The weather is very cold but I’m getting used to it. However, I love the environment here. The people are very nice and kind. Anyway, thank you, JMECC for everything. I really appreciate their help in getting me to the Massey

Name : Ong Wen Eng
Programme : PhD [Computational & Applied Mathematics]
Institution : University of Canterbury

I would like to record my sincere thanks to all the staff of JMECC for their kindness, help and useful information. I was able get all the information that I need from JMECC during my preparation to further studies at overseas. I was actually quite surprised when JMECC didn't charge a single cent for providing such services. University of Canterbury has a well-maintained website with up-to-date information. This is indeed very useful for international students like us. In my experience, I was very encouraged by the efficiency of the university's administration. The duration of my application to enrol took less than 1 month. Thanks again to JMECC, for everything.

Name : Phoon Hooi San
Programme : PhD [Speech & Language Therapy]
Institution : University of Canterbury

After a few years of being in the hustle and bustle of a hectic working life in Penang, I decided to do my PhD study in New Zealand, in 2007. I was recommended by a good friend to approach JMECC in Penang for assistance with my university application. I was truly satisfied with the services provided by JMECC. The staff members were very friendly, helpful and caring. At the initial stage, they helped me to apply for an enrolment with the University of Canterbury and for scholarships. Once I was accepted, they helped me to arrange for my medical check up, and apply for the good conduct certificate and visa. They diligently followed up on all matters in these regards. At the later stage, the staff members briefed me about making the right preparation to study and live in New Zealand. They even arranged the airport pick up for me when I first arrived in Christchurch. The whole process of applying to study in New Zealand was very smooth and well-taken care of.

My experience in studying abroad has been beneficial and unforgettable. I love every day of my life in Christchurch: the pace of living, the people, the culture, the art, the buildings, sceneries, etc. There is always something new to experience and explore, such as skiing, rock-climbing, cycling in the forest, swimming with the dolphins, tramping etc. Studying in University of Canterbury is very different than all the schools I had been to. I find it exciting and informational at the same time. My academic supervisors are very experienced and thoughtful. I take a more probing attitude in my thinking towards research nowadays. I highly recommend this institution to those who intend to undertake their post-graduate studies. To me, it is a chance of a lifetime, and something that no one should miss.

Name : Phoong Chuang Xing
Programme : Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design
Institution : UCOL

We already finished our degree last Dec (with distinction). Now I am working at Perai Auto-City (Public Pakages Holdings). this is my blog which my photos can be viewed inside there.
Thank you to JMECC for all their efforts.

Name : Ruzelan Khalid
Programme : PhD [Management Science]
Institution : University of Canterbury

JMECC services were so good, thanks to Jabatan Pendaftar UUM for giving JMECC’s card to me. And when someone asked me how they could apply for the visa for NZ, UK etc., I always ask them to consult JMECC. Unfortunately, not many PhD students would like to come here. We are happy here and some of our pictures can be seen at

Name: Tan Lynn Yi
Previous Institution: SMJK Sin Min
Institution: Taylors College

March 11, 2009


Bellerbys College is recognised as the largest provider of international students to UK universities. Students from over 120 countries choose Bellerbys because they want the very best preparation available for entry into a British University.
In 2008, 81 Bellerbys A-Level students achieved places at Top 20 UK Universities:-
· University of Cambridge – 3 students
· Imperial College London – 15 students
· London School of Economics – 10 students
· University of St Andrews – 2 students
· University of Warwick – 12 students
· University College London – 17 students
· University of Durham – 1 student
· University of Bristol – 6 students
INTAKES : January, April, September
Programmes Offered : A Level, Foundation, GCSE, Diploma in Business & Management
Advantages :
· Organized Higher Education fairs bringing together Britain’s top universities
· Regular visits to universities’ open days
· Specialist university counseling
· Dedicated preparation - 'Oxbridge' and Medical School entry for the top A Level students50 partner universities - Bellerbys Foundation programme, with a choice of over 890 degree courses

Study Abroad - International Study Centres – United Kingdom

9 Universities :

The International Foundation Years are designed to fully prepare internationalstudents for the challenges of undergraduate degree-level study at a Britishuniversity.

INTAKES : January, September

Programmes Offered : Foundation

· Integration into the University community - ISC students live in student accommodation, study on campus and have access to university facilities
· ISC students enjoy the very best of both worlds: tailor-made provision for international students and the university campus experience
· On successful completion of the ISC course, students are guaranteed progression to a degree at the host university
· At the Wales International Study Centre, students are offered a pathway to 11 outstanding universities throughout Wales

Study Abroad - Taylors College

LOCATION : Sydney, Melbourne, Western Australia, Auckland

INTAKES : Jan, April, July, October


You may be required to meet the Grade Point Average (GPA) and/or additional entry requirements for entry into some university programs.

• Internationally recognized – Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States of America
• Excellent success rate – 100% Year 12 graduate were eligible for tertiary place
- 21% Year 12 graduate were ranked top 10% of their state
• Free weekly tutorials
• Preparation for smooth transition to university – guidance on right choice, modern teaching environment, free & small extra tutorials, variety subject choice, regular feedback on academic progress, access to study guide, adult treatments
• Professional care and academic support - assistance before you leave home country, settling in & orientation, personal welfare on-campus and total care for peace of mind
• LEADING TO : The University of Sydney, Monash University , University of Western Australia, University of Auckland, Massey University, Auckland University of Technology

Study Abroad - Trinity College

Trinity College provides Malaysia students with a pathway into degree programs at The University of Melbourne. Students study on campus at The University of Melbourne, receive The University of Melbourne student card and have access to a wide range of facilities and services.

LOCATION : Melbourne

INTAKES : February, April, July


Pathway to University of Melbourne - Over 80% of Trinity graduates gain a place in The University of Melbourne

Academically supervised by The University of Melbourne - designed in conjunction with The University of Melbourne

Highly qualified and experience teaching staff - PhD / Master Degrees holders, passionate and engaging, highly skilled in meeting international student needs and are committed to each student success

Flexibility and choice - Gain access to all courses at all majors in Australian Universities

University-style teaching and learning - Students are taught in intellectual cultural skills [lectures & tutorials, laboratory work, individual consultations and a range of support & review classes] necessary for success at Australian universities.

World class support - Student Welfare program includes personal mentoring, careful monitoring of student attendance. Support Team comprises Student Counsellor, Chaplain and the Student Services department.

Global alumni network - Over 10,000 graduate contributing in all areas of profession

Study Abroad - Bradford College

LOCATION : South Australia

INTAKES : February, July

Programmes Offered : Foundation, Degree Transfer Programme.

You may be required to meet the Grade Point Average (GPA) and/or additional entry requirements for entry into some university programs.


Degree Transfer - pathway to second year university
The Degree Transfer (DT) program is the perfect option for you if you are unable to gain direct entry to the University of Adelaide program of your choice. The intakes are normally in March and October.

· More assistance with difficult concepts
· Smaller class sizes
· Teachers who are helpful and provide individual attention
· More contact hours per week than provided in the normal first year of a degree program
· English language support
· Flexible entry times to make sure that you don’t waste time studying what you already know, and yet are provided with the attention and assistance you need to succeed
· Entry to the second year of a Bachelor Degree at the University of Adelaide
· A quality program with program standards maintained by the University
· Direct transfer to second year university if you achieve a pass grade in all subjects (no higher grades or credit average is required).
· It is a first year university program and not a diploma
· Students sit for the same exams as the first year University students
· Classes are conducted on the main campus of the University.



INTAKES : February, July


• All your classes are on UNSW campus and they are taught in university-style lectures and tutorials.
• Full access to all resources at UNSW
• Individual attention - 16-18 students in tutorial classes
• In class participation - gives you confidence in speaking English and developing your presentation skills
• Special consultation times, support & on-line services
• Offers the security of a provisional place at UNSW in one of students’ preferred undergraduate programs. Students can also enrol into Macquarie University and TAFE.
• 85% of all students have continued on to undergraduate study, the majority at UNSW.
• Gain access to all Australian and international university undergraduate programs

Study Abroad - International Study Centres – United States of America

The International Study Centres in America offer a fast, academically focused route to regular university classes at our partner universities. Each university is fully accredited and competitively rank

INTAKES : January, August

Programmes Offered : Diploma, Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree, Master Degree

· Streamlined application process
· Selection - apply to up to 3 universities
· Scholarships for University Study
· Eligible for 1 year of Optional Practical Training (OPT) upon graduation
· Small classroom setting – Low student faculty ratios
· Safe, attractive environments - On Campus Housing – Full Meal Plan
Results / Statistics / Achievements
o 95% visa success rate
o 75% of our participants go onto 4-year universities in the USA
o 90% of these students obtain a Bachelor’s degree in the USA

Study Abroad - Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

Sheridan attracts students from across Canada and around the world, and is nationally and internationally recognized for excellence in business, digital media and communications, performing arts, visual arts and design, applied computing and telecommunications, engineering and manufacturing sciences, and community service studies.

LOCATION : Toronto, Canada

INTAKES : January, September

PROGRAMMES OFFERED : Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor Degree, Graduate Certificates

• Full time students – 15,000
• Collaborative programs with the University of Toronto at Mississauga, York University and Brock University
• Co-op & Field Placements
• Employer satisfaction 93.7% (based on 2007 – annual rating of all the colleges in Ontario)
• Sheridan graduates – 3 Academy Award nominees, 2 winners, and an Emmy Award winner
• 2005 - animation professor Kaj Pindal won an Emmy Award

Study Abroad - Columbia College

Founded in 1936, Columbia College is Canada’s oldest independent international college. Over the years, the College has prepared thousands of senior secondary and first/second year university students for success at universities across Canada and the United States.
LOCATION : British Columbia, Canada

INTAKES : January, May, September
Programmes Offered : Foundation, University Transfer Program
· 2008 – biggest college provider of international students to the University of British Columbia
· Transfer program to University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, the University of Victoria and other universities in Canada and the US
· Dedicated Student Services & Facilities for international students

Study Abroad - IBT


Australian Campus Network (ACN) --> La Trobe University
Curtin International College (CIC) --> Curtin University of TechnologyThe Sydney Campus of Curtin University of Technology (Curtin Sydney)
Eynesbury International --> The University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, Flinders UniversityMacquarie City College (MQC) --> Macquarie UniversityMelbourne Institute of Business and Technology (MIBT) --> Deakin University
Perth Institute of Business and Technology (PIBT) --> Edith Cowan University
Queensland Institute of Business and Technology (QIBT) --> Griffith University
South Australian Institute of Business and Technology (SAIBT) --> University of South AustraliaSydney Institute of Business and Technology (SIBT) --> Macquarie University
Cambridge Ruskin International College (CRIC) --> Anglia Ruskin University
Hertfordshire International College of Business & Technology (HIBT) --> University of Hertfordshire International
College Wales Swansea (ICWS) --> Swansea University
London International College of Business & Technology (LIBT) --> Brunel University
Fraser International College (FIC) --> Simon Fraser University
International College of Manitoba (ICM) --> University of Manitoba

LOCATION : Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane), UK, Canada
INTAKES : February, July, October
Programmes Offered : English language training, University Preparation, University Programs
· University designed programs
· University campuses - enjoy access to university facilities/services and on-campus accommodation
· University lecturers - taught by fully qualified and experienced universities’ lecturers
· Guaranteed entry into university upon successful completion of your IBT Foundation program
· Smaller class sizes, tutorial and workshops
· One visa for all your studies – packaged offer


Bellerbys College
Partial Scholarships for A Levels
(£15,000, £12,500, £6,600)
Brighton, Cambridge, London, Oxford
(April / Sep 2009 intake)

Taylors College
50% Scholarship for Foundation
- Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY)
- The University of Sydney Foundation Program (USFP)
- The University of Western Australia Foundation Program (UWAFP)
- Taylors Auckland Foundation Year (TAFY)
(April / July / Oct 2009 intake)
Deadline : Friday 20th March 2009
- VCE Scholarships (Year 10, 11 and 12)
(April / July / Aug / Oct 2009 intake)

Bradford College
50% Scholarship for Foundation
Leading to The University of Adelaide
(July 2009 intake)

Canning College / Tuart College
*AUD$ 5,000 Scholarships
- The University of Western Australia
- Murdoch University
- Curtin University of Technology
- Edith Cowan University
(*April / July 2009 intake)
In 2008, enrolments for Medicine:- 2 @ University of Tasmania, 1 @ University of Western Australia

Up to 40% Scholarships for Foundation / Diploma
- University of East Anglia
- University of Exeter
- Glasgow Caledonian University
- Newcastle University
- INTO Manchester
- Oregon State University
(Sep 2009 intake)

University of Tasmania
25% Scholarship for Foundation
(Mar 2009 intake)

Lincoln University
NZ$4,000 for Foundation
(July / Nov 2009 intake)

TaylosCollege - Academic Scholarship 2009

Taylors College Melbourne will offer one half scholarship for the High School Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) program commencing in 2009.

The scholarship is based on academic merit and covers 50% of the tuition fees (AUD$9,450) for 2009.

Applicants must submit the following:
  • One-page covering letter answering the following questions,"Why I would like to study at Taylors College in Australia" and "Why I am a suitable candidate for the scholarship"
  • A completed Taylors College application form
  • Relevant academic and English Language transcripts.
  • Any other supporting documents outlining extracurricular involvement

Application close on the 20th March 2009

Taylors Auckland Foundation Year - Academic Scholarship 2009

Taylors Auckland foundation Year programme will offer one half scholarship for the programme at Taylors College in 2009.
The scholarship is based on academic merit and covers 50% of the tuition fees (NZ$9,450) for 2009.
Applicants must submit the following:
  • One-page covering letter answering the following questions."Why I would like to study at Taylors College in New Zealand" and "Why I am a suitable candidate for the scholarship."
  • A completed TAFY application form.
  • Relevant academic and English Language transcripts.
  • Any other supporting documents outlining extracurricular involvement.

Applicants close on the 20th March 2009.

The University of Sydney Foundation Program - Acadmeic Scholarship 2009

The University of Sydney Foundation Program will offer one half scholarship for all Standard intakes at Taylors College in 2009. Each scholarship covers 50% of the tuition fees (AUD$10,950).

Applicants must submit the following:

  • A one page covering letter answering the following questions,"Why I would like to study at Taylors College in Australia and why I am a suitable candidate for the scholarship."
  • A completed USFP application form.
  • Relevant academic and English Language transcripts (IELTS 5.5 or equivalent, no band less than 5)
  • Any other supporting documents outlining extracurricular involvement

Applications close 20th March 2009

The University Of Western Australia Foundation Program - Academic Scholarship 2009

Taylors College Perth will offer one half scholarship into The university of Western Australia Foundation Program (UWAFP) in 2009. Applications will be accepted for either the Standard or the Accelerated programs commencing in 2009.

The Scholarship covers 50% of the tuition fees (AUD$8,750).

Applicants must submit the following:
  • A one page covering letter answering the following questions,"Why I would like to study at Taylors College in Australia and why I am a suitable candidate for the scholarship."
  • A completed UWAFP application form.
  • Relevant academic and English Language transcripts (IELTS 5.5 or equivalent,no band less than 5)
  • Any other supporting documents outlining extracurricular involvement.

Applications will close on the 20th March 2009.