January 31, 2010

Trinity College Pre Departure Briefing in Ipoh (29/1/10) - Photos

The Trinity College pre dep briefing conducted by JMECC in Ipoh 

Pooi Ling in action

Trinity bound students listening to the briefing

Getting together

Mr Andrew Ng of Alberthouse (approved accommodation provider of Trinity)
putting across some points to the students and parents.

The next available intakes for interested students and parents are 
April, June & July 2010. Please contact us for more details.
Apply now.

January 26, 2010

New Diploma at the University of Sussex International Study Centre

New Diploma at the University of Sussex International Study Centre

We are pleased to announce an expansion in ISC's programmes at Sussex with a new Diploma in Business and Management. The first intakes will be September 2010 and January 2011.

This 1 year (3-term) programme will lead to the 2nd year entry of three undergraduate degrees, listed below:

 BSc in Business (Finance)

 BSc in Business (International Business)

 BSc in Business (Marketing)

These undergraduate degrees are taught in the new School of Business, Management and Economics, soon to be ranked as one of the best business related schools in the UK.

Diploma Academic Entry Requirement:

 Good high school graduation grades (or equivalent) plus up to one year of further study. (SAM, A Level, UEC, IB, STPM, AUSMAT, CMP or equivalent holders may apply)

 IELTS 5.5 or equivalent (minimum 5.5 in writing)

 ELPP available from IELTS 3.0 (or equivalent)
All interested students and parents are welcome to visit us at our network of offices for more details.
You may send all online enquiries to inquirydata@jmecc.com.my

January 23, 2010

Australia Pre Departure Briefing - 23/1/2010 at JMECC

More than 30 Australia bound students & parents attended the
briefing at JMECC Subang.

Students & parents listening to KarYee's presentation

January 22, 2010

The University of Melbourne-Interview Session at JMECC throughout 2010

Subang Jaya 
 2 - 5pm Thurs 14th 
 11 - 1pm Monday 4th 

 11 - 3pm Wed 27th 
 Interview by appointments only
 2 - 5pm Thurs 11th 
 2 - 5pm Thurs 8th 
 2 - 5pm Thurs 13th 
 Exam Period 
 2 - 5pm Thurs 8th 
 7 - 9pm Wed 11th (Parents and Friends Info Evening)**
 7 - 9pm Tues 10th (Parents and Friends Info Evening)**
 2 - 5pm Wed 15th
 2 - 5pm Thurs 14th 
 Exam Period 
 2 - 5pm Wed 22nd*
* subject to SAM result release date 
** Confirmation to be made closer to event date                                                                          

For Appointment, please contact us at 03-56334732 or email: inquirydata@jmecc.com.my

January 19, 2010

University of Tasmania - Pre Departure Briefing at JMECC Subang

Confirmed students, and potential students & parents and last minute
applicants are welcomed to attend. Please call
03-56334732 (Rose) to book a place.

University of Tasmania - Last Call interview Session at JMECC Subang

Interview Session for Feb & July 2010 Intakes

University of Tasmania

Mr Pang Lim, Regional Development Manager

21st (Thursday) and 22nd January 2010 (Friday) 3.00pm – 5.00pm

Venue : JMECC Subang

January 18, 2010

Trinity College Pre Departure Briefing (17/1/10) - Photos

Trinity College Pre Departure Briefing at JMECC HQ

Ng Chin Wei Country Officer of The University of Melbourne, together with
Ng Ping Chien an alumnus of Trinity College doing the presentation.

Ping Chien in action!

Parents and friends at the pre dep.

2010 batch of Trinity students listening intently during the pre dep briefing.

Ping Chien says, 'Good choice mates!"

January 16, 2010

TAFE Australia-Vocational Education

For less academically inclined or those interested in technical and vocational courses, TAFE education in Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland provide great avenues for you to pursue your dream education in Australia.

These institutions are government owned and operated. We represent the following institutions which offers courses such as cookery, hospitality, horticulture, nursing, community services, hairdressing, automotive maintenance and engineering, IT, business etc :

1) WA TAFE ( Perth and other WA Cities)

2) Kangan Batman TAFE (Melbourne)

3) Northern Melburne Institute of TAFE (Melbourne)

4) Box Hill TAFE (Melbourne)

5) Holmesglen TAFE (Melbourne)

6) Chisholm TAFE (Melbourne)

7) Gordon Institute of TAFE (Geelong)

8) TAFE NSW (Sydney & other cities in NSW)

9) Southbank Institute of Technology (Brisbane)

10) South Queensland Institute of TAFE

Students with SPM, O Lvel, SM2 and above qualifications are welcome to apply. Those without the relevant qualifications but have work experience are enqouraged to apply.

Visit our offices in Malaysia and Singapore or email : inquirydata@jmecc.com.my

January 15, 2010

The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus-Interview Session at JMECC Subang & Penang

Good news for students and parents who are interested in pursuing UK degree courses locally in Malaysia.
Those students with A Level, Ausmat, SAM, UEC, STPM and other equivalent qualifications are invited to attend the following interview session for Jan/Feb 2010 intakes,
The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, at:

Date : 25/1/2010 (Monday)
Time : 10:30am till 1:20pm
Venue : JM Education Counselling Centre, Subang
36 Jalan SS15/8 Subang Jaya
Appointment : 03:56334732

Date : 28/1/2010 (Thursday)
Time : 9.30am to 12pm
Venue : JM Education Counselling Centre, Penang
441-1-4 Pulau Tikus Plaza, Burmah Road, Penang
Appointment : 04:2288376

January 13, 2010

The University of Melbourne-Interview Session at JMECC

Calling all students of SAM, A Level, IB, AUSMAT, CMP, UEC, STPM and other diploma and undergraduate qualifications to meet Ms Ng Chin Wei, Country Officer (Malaysia), The University of Melbourne. The venue is JMECC's Subang Jaya office : 36 Jalan SS15/8 Subang Jaya 47500 Selangor from 2pm to 5pm.
Date : 27/1/2010 (Wednesday afternoon)

Those interested in Trinity College April & July intakes 2010 are welcomed to make appointments.
It is time for all to put in applications now to secure a place for July 2010 intake.

For appointment kindly call 03-56334732 or email inquirydata@jmecc.com.my.

Taylor's and Inti students are welcome to drop by.

January 07, 2010

University of Tasmania, Australian School of Fine Furniture, 2010 Scholarship Application

Hurry! For those students who are keen on the above undergraduate scholarships, please submit your applications through JMECC Singapore, Malaysia and Education UK, Hong Kong.
Applications close on 5th February 2010.

Further information, please visit our offices or email inquirydata@jmecc.com.my

January 04, 2010

Bellerbys College, Outstanding Students Achievement

The best pathway to top UK universities. April 2010 Intake (O Level, A Level & Foundation programmes) is still open to applications.
JMECC-IUACC invites interested students and parents from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Hong Kong and other parts of the world to submit applications through us.

For more information, visit www.jmecc.com.my, www.iuacc.com.my, www.educationuk.com.hk
Alternatively send  enquiries and applications to inquirydata@jmecc.com.my