July 18, 2011

UWA Dentistry and Medicine Interviews 2011

University of Western Australia will be conducting interviews for students who applied for Dentistry and Medicine programs.

Purpose of the interview: To give students opportunity to provide additional information to that already provided during other stages of the selection process.
Dates: 22 July (Friday), 25 July (Monday)
Length of interview: Around 45 minutes
Ability to assist and work with others
Appreciation of ethical behaviour
Trust and trustworthiness
Coping with uncertainty
Decision making
Goal setting
Perspective of others
Explaining skills

  1. Please arrive 45 minutes before the interview time for registration (including the signing of a confidentiality agreement) and for pre-reading.
  2. You are advised to wear smart, comfortable, but not too casual attire. You should not wear any uniform, accessories or badges, which identify membership of a particular organisation.
  3. Please bring along photographic ID – this can be a passport or drivers licence or school card.

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