September 23, 2011

Bellerbys College interview sessions are back in town in October

Calling for students who interested to start your A levels & Foundation in January or April 2012 intake in Bellberbys College. 

Mr. Stephen Carter, Recuitment Manager from Bellberbys College will be in town meeting parents and students. Please take this opportunity to meet with Mr. Stephen at the respective events as below:

a) 11 Ocotber  2011; Time: 1.00pm - 2.30pm
     JMECC Petaling Jaya Office
b) 13 Ocotber 2011; Time: 1.30pm- 2.30pm
     JMECC Subang Jaya Office
c) 21 Ocotber 2011; Time: 3pm- 5pm
     JMECC Penang Office
d) 23 October 2011; Time: 12pm- 4pm
    UK Boarding Schools & Colleges Exhibition, InterContinental Hotel, KL

Murdoch Institute of Technology (MIT) Academic Scholarship Offer

MIT is happy to offer a range of academic scholarships to Malaysian students.

Please feel free to contact us for more information. 

September 22, 2011

Updates from University of Canterbury

Please be reassured that despite the Christchurch earthquake in February, it is still a safe place to live in. University of Canterbury released the following details, please check it out if you have any concerns. 

University of Melbourne Scholarships

University of Melbourne is giving out scholarships for international students! Click on the poster below to check it out!

September 13, 2011

Murdoch University Discoverer's Scholarship

The International Discoverers Scholarship Scheme that was introduced in 2011, has now been extended to 2012! 

The scheme is designed to make studying at Murdoch University more affordable at a time when the strong Australian dollar could mean that families across the globe are considering alternatives to Australia for higher education.

For more information, please find attached the media release and the link to the scholarship page below

September 08, 2011

Bellerbys 2011 A level results just released!

Once more, students from Bellerbys College in the UK have surpassed all previous records in their A level results.
An incredible 26% of all grades at Bellerbys were awarded the prestigious A* - the national average in the UK is just 8%. 35% of grades were A, twice as many as the UK average score.
Malaysian students studying at Bellerbys did particularly well. These include Ms Teo Poh Ee who scored an incredible A*A*A*A*Aaa and will be starting at the London School of Economics in September to read Mathematics and Economics. Lee Shien Chen scored A*AAA and will be studying Medicine at Queen’s Belfast. Wong Wen Kai scored A*A*AA and will read Chemical Engineering at Imperial College, whilst Wong Yoon Cherng from Ipoh will study Medicine at Edinburgh next month having scored a perfect A*A*A*A*.
Billy” Wong Yoon Cherng was given an award for the Best A Level student in 2011 – an impressive achievement considering the high standards at Bellerbys and something all Malaysians can be proud of. Billy’s Biology teacher, Mrs Robinson, says: "Billy is an outstanding student who has maintained 100% attendance and usually submits his work early. He shows a real interest in Biology and is a highly articulate student who presents concepts effectively to the class as a whole and helps others when appropriate. He is a model pupil who cannot be faulted." With his impeccable approach to studying Billy earned himself a well-deserved place to study Medicine, which is a highly competitive degree course to join in the UK.

These students all started their A levels in January and completed the two year course in just 5 terms instead of the usual 6. More information about Bellerbys 2011 results can be found at:
One of the advantages of Bellerbys College which has a direct impact on A Level results is the very small class sizes. There are typically only 9 students in an A level class and for subjects such as the Sciences the class size can be as small as 4 or 5. This ensures that students receive extremely high levels of support from teachers. Each student also has a personal tutor whom they meet with regularly and who ensures that students are on top of their work.
Students intending to study Medicine receive more formalised support and are encouraged to join the Medical School Prep Group. This group meets after regular classes, and students study for the Medical school entrance tests (UKCAT and BMAT) and also read up on recent medical developments in specialist journals as part of their preparations for the all-important interviews. Work experience in a hospital or clinic during the holidays is also arranged for these students.
Students wishing to enter Bellerbys College for the January 2012 A level intake are invited to meet with Bellerbys representatives on 11 October 2011 (Tuesday) 1-2.30pm at JM Education Counselling Centre offices. Students should bring their SPM forecast results. For students with 6 or more As in their forecast results will be eligible for a scholarship worth up to 12,500 GBP.
For more information, please contact JM Education Counselling Centre at 03-5633 4732/017-349 6584 (Subang Jaya-Irene), 017-268 2812 (Petaling Jaya-Pooi Ling), 012-581 5509 (Penang-Amanda), 012-436 8982 (Ipoh-Katherine), 013-371 7099 (Johor-Abbie), 016-840 9388 (Kota Kinabalu-Kee Aun), 012-896 6738 (Kuching-Sabrina) or email

Students and parents from Hong Kong, China & Singapore should contact our overseas offices here:

Wong Wen Kai scored A*A*AA and will read Chemical Engineering at Imperial College

Bellerbys College Best A-Level student 2011-Wong Yoon Cherng from Ipoh will study Medicine at Edinburgh next month having scored a perfect A*A*A*A*.

September 07, 2011

UC College of Engineering BE(Hons) International Travel Awards


These scholarships were established by the College of Engineering at the University of Canterbury to recognise and support international students entering the Intermediate Year of the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree with the cost of a return flight to the student's home country each year.

This scholarship now has an extended deadline of 1 October 2011.


# Full-fee paying international students intending to enrol full-time in the Intermediate Year of the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree
# The final year of secondary school must have been completed outside of New Zealand
# Applicants must not be residing in New Zealand in the year of application.

Amount: return flight to the student's home country each year
Tenure: 4 years
Closing Dates: 01 Oct 2011
Please note that application forms are only available from approximately 8 weeks ahead of the closing date. For external scholarships, please refer to details on the External Web Site below.

September 05, 2011

Swinburne University: A planet made of diamond

Date posted: 26 Aug 2011
A planet made of diamond
A once-massive star that’s been transformed into a small planet made of diamond: that’s what astronomers think they’ve found in our Milky Way.
The discovery, reported today in Science, was made by an international research team led by Professor Matthew Bailes, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne and the ‘Dynamic Universe’ theme leader in a new wide-field astronomy initiative, the ARC Centre of
Excellence for All-sky Astrophysics (CAASTRO).
The researchers, from Australia, Germany, Italy, the UK and the USA, first detected an unusual star called a pulsar using the CSIRO Parkes radio telescope and followed up their discovery with the Lovell radio telescope in the UK and one of the Keck telescopes in Hawaii.
Pulsars are small spinning stars about 20 km in diameter—the size of a small city—that emit a beam of radio waves. As the star spins and the radio beam sweeps repeatedly over Earth, radio telescopes detect a regular pattern of radio pulses.
For the newly discovered pulsar, known as PSR J1719-1438, the astronomers noticed that the arrival times of the pulses were systematically modulated. They concluded that this was due to the gravitational pull of a small companion planet, orbiting the pulsar in a binary system.
The pulsar and its planet are part of the Milky Way’s plane of stars and lie 4,000 light-years away in the constellation of Serpens (the Snake). The system is about an eighth of the way towards the Galactic Centre from the Earth.

Read more about this article here.