February 14, 2012

Dong Zhong's (UEC Exam Board) Visit to JMECC Headquater in Malaysia

(from left to right, Ms Hee, Mr Chong and Dr Lai of
Dong Zhong)

JM Education Counselling Centre and Education UK
are proud to host a visit by Dong Zhong's UEC
Examiniation Board on 9th February 2012.
It was a fact finding mission by Dong Zhong
on the progress and status of the recognition of
UEC examination qualifications by universities
and colleges from Australia, New Zealand,
USA,  Canada and the UK.

During our discussion and exchange, it was 
agreed that the UEC has been accepted as
meeting entrance requirements to most 
universities in Australia and New Zealand.
The level of acceptance by UK
institutions of UEC has improved from
the last decade. 
However it is still not widely and readily
accepted by the majority of  UK
institutions yet.
As for the North American counterparts,
UEC is only recognised by a few
universities & colleges.

In view of the above, we at JMECC & EDU UK
is committed to working closely with
Dong Zhong to further raise the
awareness of the acceptance of
UEC qualifications among institutions
from the western countries.

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