September 26, 2012

Study In Australia Information Day 29th Sep to 9th October 2012

Faced with a plethora of choices of institutions and countries for overseas studies, Malaysian students and parents would have to weigh the merits of institution and course rankings and job placement prospects rather than purely on costs in arriving at the all important decision.
The high Australian dollar could have created hindrance to some families contemplating sending their children to study down under. However throughout JM Education Counselling Centre’s (JMECC) more than 23 years of overseas education counselling experience, Malaysian students and parents are pragmatic not to solely rely on costs as the principal determining factor in the choice of destination country and institutions.
The proximity factor, strong historical ties, family and friend’s relationship in Australia plus the quality education and safe and secure study environment has always been the pull factor in solidifying Malaysians’ choice. In addition the robust and well diversified Australian economy is creating job opportunities for graduates. Coupled with the pervasive network of Australian alumni in the region, this augurs well for students’ future career prospects.
The strong Australian economy vis a vis its counterparts in Europe and America has resulted in continued investment by Australian institutions on research & development capacities & facilities, and more importantly strengthen its capability to attract and retain teaching and research talent.  The economic vibrancy is creating opportunities for students to find part time employment and study related job placement that is highly accretive to ones’ experience.

Premised upon the above, JMECC is organizing its annual Study in Australia Info Day at major Malaysian cities and our offices from 30th September to 5th October 2012. Representatives from the following institutions will be in Malaysia to meet potential students and parents for consultation:  Australian Catholic University, The University of Adelaide & Bradford College,  The University of Melbourne & Trinity College, Monash University & Monash College, RMIT University, University of Western Australia, Deakin University & MIBT, University of Tasmania & Australian Maritime College, Swinburne University of Technology, University of South Australia, SAIBT & Eynesbury, La Trobe University, Taylors College, Tasmanian Government Schools & TAFE Tasmania, The University of Newcastle, Boxhill Institute, Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University and others. The detailed schedules are as follow:

v  29 Sep 2012, Saturday @ 12.00-4.00pm (GEORGETOWN CITY HOTEL, Penang [formerly known as Berjaya Georgetown Hotel])
v  30 Sep 2012, Sunday @ 11.00-4.00pm (The Gardens Hotel, Midvalley, KL)
v  5 Oct 2012, Friday @ 1.00-5.00pm (JMECC Kuching)
v  7 Oct 2012, Sunday @ 1.00-7.00pm (Le Meridien Hotel, Kota Kinabalu)
v  9 Oct 2012, Tuesday @ 2.00-7.00pm (KSL Resort, Johor Bahru)

Numerous attractive scholarships and grants are offered by various universities. The School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences of The University of South Australia will award a maximum of 2 international undergraduate scholarships for high achieving students gaining an entry into either Bachelor of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Laboratory Medicine, Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Sciences or Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The scholarships are valued at 25% of the total program tuition fees. University of Tasmania provides a generous discount of 25% off the tuition fees for high achieving students. “Women in Maritime Engineering Scholarships is offered by the National Centre for Maritime Engineering and Hydrodynamics, Australia’s premier maritime engineering facility at UTAS’s specialist institute – the Australian Maritime College.

The University of Melbourne provides 100% fee remission scholarships valued up to approximately AUF$126,000 for the normal duration of an undergraduate degree or 50% fee remission scholarships valued up to approximately AUD$63000 for the normal duration of an undergraduate degree; or AUD$10,000 fee remission in the first year of an undergraduate degree. Murdoch University designs The International Discovers’ Scholarship Scheme to make study more affordable in the current economic climate. The scholarship scheme applies to a wide range of Murdoch courses from undergraduate to postgraduate level which allows for a reduction in annual courses fees, by between AUD$500 and AUD$5,500.

SPM, O level, IB, A Level, UEC, Diploma students and holders can proceed to further their studies in Australia in Feb and July 2013 intakes in foundation, diploma, undergraduate and post graduate courses which are of interests to them.

Please call us at 03-56334732 or email or log in to our website at for more information regarding the Study in Australia Info Day.

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