January 13, 2015

HELP University - Malaysia

HELP University and HELP Academy Scholarship Guideline 

The following are the broad categories of scholarships available to students:

  1. Distinction Award -  for new students, entering HELP for the first time.  This is solely based on academic results
  2. Merit Award –   for continuing students, progressing from one program to another or advancing to higher level within HELP
  3. Sports Scholarship -  for new students who are either state  or national sportman  (not school level)
  4. Sun-MAPCU Scholarships -  for new students;  selected programs (refer to SUN newspaper in January)
  5. STAR Education Fund – for new students;  selected programs (refer to STAR newspaper in March)
  6. Sin Chew Daily Education Fund -  for new students; selected programs (refer to Sin Chew Daily in March)
  7. United Chinese School Committee Association Scholarship – for new UEC students;  apply through UCSCAM (Dong Zhong)
  8. School Achievers Scholarship Award (SASA) – for new students; application online direct to HELP in June to July
  9. HELP-MIC Scholarship  -- for new students;  apply through MIC

For more information, please feel free to visit/contact your nearest JM Office. 

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