January 27, 2015

Your Pathway to Success - Australia

Trinity College, Melbourne

  • 1 of the best Australian Foundation Studies Program, Trinity Collge prepare more than 1,100 international students each year for success at The University of Melbourne & other leading Australian universities. 

Progression to The University of Melbourne

  • Graduates of Trinity College Foundation Studies are guaranteed a place in the University of Melbourne course of their choice if they satisfy the prerequisites summarised in the table below. 
A score of at least 50% in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is a requirement for all courses. 
Bachelor of Arts
(Semester 1 & 2)
80English (a score of at least 70%) ^
History of Ideas (Advanced) (a score of at least 70%) ^
Bachelor of Biomedicine
(Semester 1 only)
89 English
Mathematics 1
Bachelor of Commerce
(Semester 1 & 2)
History of Ideas (Advanced)
Mathematics 1 ^
For specialisation in Actuarial studies, Mathematics 2 is also required.
Bachelor of Environments
(Semester 1 & 2)
  • Note:Environment & Development recommended for all majors
  • Mathematics 1 is recommended for Architecture major
  • Mathematics 1 is required for Construction, Environmental Science, property or an engineering discipline major. Students without this knowledge may be required to undertake a bridging subject.
Bachelor of Fine Arts
(Semester 1 only)
Course will be done at the Victorian College of the Arts & Music
Individually Assessed *English
Bachelor of Music
(Semester 1 & 2)
 67 *English
History of Ideas (Advanced)
Music Practical*
Bachelor of Science
(Semester 1 & 2)
 80English, Mathematics 1, One of Biology, Chemistry or Physics
English, Mathematics 1 and 2
^These prerequisite subjects are included in the final best four calculation.
*Applicants must be qualified for University entry and have satisfied the Faculty of Music audition or the Victoria College of Music and Arts portfolio requirements. * These subjects are the pre-requisites to qualify for the pre-guaranteed entry in the University of Melbourne's relevant courses. Subjects are only offered in the Main intakes. 

Find out more information about the entry scores for TCFS students into the University of Melbourne undergraduate programs.

Entry to other universities

TCFS graduates are also accepted by other major universities in Australia including:
  • Australian National University 
  • Deakin University 
  • LaTrobe University 
  • Monash University 
  • RMIT University 
  • Swinburne University of Technology 
  • University of Adelaide 
  • University of New South Wales 
  • University of Queensland 
  • University of Sydney 
  • University of Tasmania 
  • University of Western Australia 
  • Victoria University
Our alumni have also been accepted by a number of international institutions including:
  • Boston University (US)
  • Leicester University (UK)
  • Liverpool University (UK)
  • London College of Fashion (UK)
  • Manchester University (UK)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US)
  • McGill University (Canada)
  • The University of Nottingham (UK)

Intake Information

The main program is held over a 12-months period, but it's depending on the student's academic result and many options. 

  • the majority of students are placed in one of these two intakes
  • course duration of approximately one year
  • two semesters of study with three two-week breaks.

  • higher entry requirements than for the Main intakes
  • an intensive introduction to the Foundation Studies program
  • joins the February Main intake in April and complete their studies in December with that intake.

  • higher academic and English entry requirements than for the Main intakes
  • course involves 7–8 months of intensive study
  • two semesters of study with two short breaks. 


  • bridging course for students requiring additional preparation in English, Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry
  • five-week program prior to the Main intakes
  • joins Semester 1 of the Main intake that follows.


  • allows students from some countries to commence the program at a different phase of their secondary schooling by consolidating their language and some other curriculum areas
  • 20-week program prior to the February Main intake 
  • joins Semester 1 of the February Main intake.


  • for students who require further English preparation and additional academic consolidation prior to joining the Main intakes
  • 20-week program prior to the Main intakes 
  • joins Semester 1 of the Main intake that follows
 *extended intakes are not remedial and are not available to students who do not meet Trinity College Foundation Studies academic entry requirements.


Trinity offers more than 100 scholarships each year to residential students. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need, academic excellence, personal qualities, and the student's likely contribution to the College community.


Candidates for graduate student scholarships should have:

  • an offer of a place in a graduate degree at the University of Melbourne
  • an outstanding academic record
  • a strong commitment to learning, personal development and community service
  • dedication to fulfilling their potential for growth and leadership in their chosen profession.

Duration of award

Graduate scholarships are awarded for one year, renewable annually while the student is a full-time graduate student, subject to satisfactory academic progress and contribution to the College. The College cannot guarantee an offer from year to year, nor is the student contracted for more that one year at a time. However, graduates are expected to be in residence for the standard full duration of the graduate degree they are undertaking.
More information about Trinity College, view it HERE. 

Bradford College, Adelaide

  • Bradford College is situated on the campus of the University of Adelaide.
  • It offers a range of teaching methods and specifically prepares international students for entry into undergraduate courses at the University of Adelaide. 
  • Bradford’s courses are registered at Adelaide University.
  • Students of the college receive a student card which enables them to access all the facilities of the school.

  • Students at Bradford College are part of the University of Adelaide population. 
  • They often study on campus, share the university resources and facilities, and like all other university students can make the most of the university experience with access to the student union, its clubs and societies.

Bradford College is an ideal choice for students who:
  • Are seeking an alternative entry pathway to a Bachelor degree at the University of Adelaide (Degree Transfer Program) as a result of not achieving required grade
  • Do not meet the high school (Year 12 or equivalent) standard to begin tertiary education at the University of Adelaide (Foundation Studies Program);
  • Do not have an IELTS score of 6.0 (General Academic English);
  • Require additional subjects, such as Specialist Mathematics, Maths Studies or a science to enter their bachelor degree course at the University of Adelaide (knowledge gap subjects).

Progression to The University of Adelaide

Foundation Studies
Foundation Studies program

Benefits of the Foundation Studies Program

  • The Foundation Studies program is designed to provide students an opportunity to gain an excellent preparation for university and success with their chosen degree
  • Most classes are conducted on the main campus of the University of Adelaide
  • Teachers are helpful and provide individual attention
  • English language support is provided
  • Foundation Studies program standards are maintained by the University of Adelaide ensuring quality

Packaged Program

Guaranteed Place

Degree Transfer
  • The Degree Transfer program is designed to give students fast track access to a Bachelor Degree at the University of Adelaide.
  • There are three programs on offer at Bradford College that vary in length as per student requirements: the Extended program, the Standard program, and the Accelerated program.

General Academic English
  • The General Academic English program (GAE) is designed to develop your English language skills in preparation for successful entry into your mainstream academic program of study.
  •  Your program is based in the classroom with some excursions and activities which take you out into the community to use the language you have learnt.


Accommodation in Adelaide

There are several options for housing in Adelaide and Bradford College can help you work out which accommodation will suit you best. Your choice consists of:
  • Homestay
  • Student Hostels
  • University Accommodation
  • Independent Rental and Share House Accommodation.

Under 18 Student Accommodation Options

The only accommodation options available for Under 18 year old students are:
  • Homestay
  • Bradford Lodge
  • Living with a blood relative (can only be a parent or sibling who is over the age of 21 and who has been visited by and approved by the College).
All accommodation for under 18′s must be arranged and overseen by the College Accommodation Manager and Student Welfare Manager. This must be completed before the under 18 year old student arrives in Australia.
More information about Bradford College, view HERE

Canning College, Perth

  • Canning College is an adult education centre located in Bentley,Western Australia.
  • The College offers a range of educational programs for adults both continuing and returning to education.
  • Canning College was established by the Education Department of Western Australia in 1982. 
  • The programs have expanded to provide the opportunities to complete education at a Year 10 and Year 11 level, nationally recognised Certificates, Pre-Diploma and First Year University level courses.
Pathways to Further Education
  • Canning College offers a range of alternative courses giving each student the flexibility to follow a pathway that is ideal for them.
  • Students can utilise Canning College as a stepping stone into the workforce or further education such as Year 12, TAFE or university.

Pathway 1 - Year 10 to Tertiary Education

Year 10 to Tertiary

Pathway 2 - Certificate IV to Tertiary Education

Year 12 to Tertiary

Pathway 3 - Mature Age Directly to Tertiary Education

Mature Age Entry to Tertiary

Pathway 4 - IDMT Certificates to Employment

IDMT Certificate to Employment

Pathway 5 - Returning to Work

Returning to Employment

Pathway 5 - General Interest

General Interest

Courses for International Students


Course AreaScholarshipDescription
Diploma of Commerce
  • UWA Stream
  • Curtin Stream
Partial awardsBased on academic merit and offered on application.
Reduction of course fees only; no other benefits.
Available for February and July entry.
Certificate IVPartial awardsBased on academic merit and offered on application.
Reduction of course fees only; no other benefits.
Available for January, April, July and October entry.
Certificate IV
Progressing into Diploma of Commerce at Canning College
Partial awards 50% of Diploma course feeInternal award only.
Selected on academic merit after completion of the Certificate IV program.
WA Universities' Foundation Program/WA Certificate of EducationFull fee awards
Partial fee awards
Based on academic merit and offered on application.
Reduction of course fees only; no other benefits.
Available for January, April and August entry.
Year 11
Progressing to WAUFP, WACE or Certificate IV
Partial awardsInternal award only.
Based on academic merit and offered on application.
Reduction of course fees only; no other benefits.
Available for January entry only.


Family Bursary Reduction of course fee if any member of the direct family (mother, father, sister or brother) has previously studied at Canning College. Applies to ALL courses registered for international students: Diploma of Commerce, Certificate IV in Commerce, Foundation, Year 11 and Bridging programs.
Continuity Bursary 10% reduction of course fee for the Diploma of Commerce or Certificate IV if the student has previously studied Foundation or WACE at Canning College.

Further Study Scholarships

Curtin University and the University of Western Australia generously offer awards for high achievers graduating from a Canning College program and progressing to university.

More information about Canning College, view HERE

Macquarie University International College (MUIC)

Pathways to a Macquarie Degree

Packaged programs

Guaranteed place in a Macquarie degree

When students complete their foundation or diploma studies, the students will enter their chosen Macquarie University undergraduate degree. To qualify, the student will need to meet the entry requirements for the specific degree.

College Pathway Program

Foundation Programs

Extended Foundation Program

This longer program is tailored for international students who have completed at least a Year 11 equivalent education and require greater support to improve their mathematics, academic English and key study skills.

Standard Foundation Program

This program is designed for international students who have completed at least a Year 11 equivalent and require additional academic support and upgraded English skills to reach university entry level.

Intensive Foundation

This program is suitable for international students who have completed a Year 12 equivalent education and have almost reached university entry requirements but still need to improve their mathematics and English language skills to meet university entry requirements.
Diploma Programs

Diploma of Accounting, Commerce and Business Administration

The Diploma of Accounting, Commerce and Business Administration is designed to provide an introduction to general business studies and successful students can move straight into the second year of various undergraduate degrees offered by the Faculty of Business and Economics.

Diploma of Engineering

The Diploma of Engineering provides an introduction to general engineering studies, with students gaining theoretical and practical knowledge in key engineering and related areas such as electrical, mechanical and software engineering, computing, mathematics and physics.

Diploma of Information Technology

The Diploma of Information Technology provides an introduction to key theoretical and practical knowledge in information technology including programming, computer science, business systems, database design and digital media.

Diploma of Media and Communication

The Diploma of Media and Communication introduces students to core knowledge and principles in media and communication, including international communications, media, politics and international relations.
More information about MUIC, view HERE.

Monash College, Melbourne

  • Monash College specialises in academic and English pathway programs for students who aspire to study at Monash University or another leading Australian university.
  • Monash College in Australia is owned by Monash University, Australia's largest international university.
  • Monash College are a Commonwealth-recognised, non-self-accrediting Higher Education Provider (HEP).

Foundation Year

Monash University Foundation Year offers guaranteed entry to first year of any degree at Monash University.*
  • Guaranteed entry into first year of Monash University degrees.*
  • Choose from 13 subjects to suit  skills, interests and the degree which wish to apply for.
  • Student support to help achieve study goals.
  • Targeted university preparation – develop the skills and confidence to succeed.
  • Live and study in the centre of Melbourne, the world's most liveable city.# 
Foundation Year offers three study formats – Standard, Intensive and Extended.


Standard program offers a range of subjects to study that are relevant to future degree.
Start dates: January and July
Course length: 12 months


The Intensive program is for advanced students planning to study English, Mathematics, and either Chemistry or Accounting. This program begins with one intensive semester before joining the Standard program for semester two.
Start dates: March and September
Course length: 8 months


The Extended program is for students who need extra support to complete their studies. The program includes an extra semester and additional extended subjects that allow you to improve your English, mathematics and communication skills before starting the Standard program.  
Start dates: March and September
Course length: 15 months

English for Foundation Year

Monash English course will prepare you for Foundation Year if student need extra English support before start.


A Monash College Diploma offers a direct pathway into second year at Monash University.*

  • A pathway into second year at Monash University.*
  • You can fast-track your studies by completing first year university subjects in just eight months.#
  • Make friends and settle in with our four-week orientation program.
  • Study on campus and become familiar with university life.
  • Receive individual attention – benefit from small class sizes and learning support.
International and domestic students can study a Diploma. Courses start in February, June and October. 

Diploma course structure

Monash College diplomas are in two parts. 

Part 1

Part 1 is for students who have completed Australian Year 11 or equivalent. After successfully completing part 1, you can start part 2. However, you may be eligible to enter first year at Monash University after completing part 1 if you meet the minimum grades set by the faculty.
Length: two trimesters.

Part 2

Part 2 is for students who have completed Australian Year 12 or equivalent. You will study the same curriculum and complete the same assessments as first year university students.
After successfully completing part 2 and meeting faculty entry requirements, you will be accepted for entry into second year of a relevant Monash degree.
Length: two trimesters#
To receive your Diploma certificate, you must successfully complete part 2.
*Entry requirements into Monash College and Monash University apply.
Course duration of part 2 varies depending on the Diploma.
More information about Monash College, view HERE

Swinburne College

  • Swinburne College is a provider of pathway education courses which prepare students for university study. 
  • Programs offered by Swinburne College include English language, foundation studies, diploma and professional year programs.

Courses Offered

English Language Course

Levels range from elementary to advanced. New courses start every five weeks and range in duration from 5–50 weeks.
ELICOS structure

Foundation Year
Swinburne Foundation Year is a pre-university program designed for international students. Foundation Year programs are offered over eight or twelve months.

Course title ▼Fee*DurationIntakes  Campus
Swinburne Foundation Year (Arts/ Social Sciences) (12 months)A$19950 (total for 2015)1 Year/sFebruary, June, October
  • Hawthorn
Swinburne Foundation Year (Arts/ Social Sciences) (8 months)A$17950 (total for 2015)8 Month/sFebruary, June, October
  • Hawthorn
Swinburne Foundation Year (Business) (12 months)A$19950 (total for 2015)1 Year/sFebruary, June, October
  • Colombo
  • Hawthorn
Swinburne Foundation Year (Business) (8 months)A$17950 (total for 2015)8 Month/sFebruary, June, October
  • Colombo
  • Hawthorn
Swinburne Foundation Year (Design) (12 months)A$21350 (total for 2015)1 Year/sFebruary, June, October
  • Hawthorn
Swinburne Foundation Year (Design) (8 months)A$19200 (total for 2015)8 Month/sFebruary, June, October
  • Hawthorn
Swinburne Foundation Year (Science/ Engineering) (12 months)A$21350 (total for 2015)1 Year/sFebruary, June, October
  • Colombo
  • Hawthorn
Swinburne Foundation Year (Science/ Engineering) (8 months)A$19200 (total for 2015)8 Month/sFebruary, June, October
  • Colombo
  • Hawthorn

Unilink Diplomas 
UniLink diplomas provide a direct pathway to second-year university. They are equivalent to first-year university and will prepare you for second-year entry to your chosen bachelor degree. UniLink is offered in an 8-month or 12-month stream. UniLink is accredited as an award-level higher education diploma.

Course title ▼Fee*DurationIntakes  Campus
Diploma of Business (UniLink) (12 months) (Degree Transfer Program)A$23250 (total for 2015)1 Year/sFebruary, June, October
  • Colombo
  • Hawthorn
Diploma of Business (UniLink) (8 months) (Degree Transfer Program)A$20650 (total for 2015)8 Month/sFebruary, June, October
  • Colombo
  • Hawthorn
Diploma of Design (UniLink) (12 months) (Degree Transfer Program)A$24350 (total for 2015)1 Year/sFebruary, June, October
  • Hawthorn
Diploma of Design (UniLink) (8 months) (Degree Transfer Program)A$21650 (total for 2015)8 Month/sFebruary, June, October
  • Hawthorn
Diploma of Engineering (UniLink) (12 months) (Degree Transfer Program)A$25990 (total for 2015)1 Year/sFebruary, June, October
  • Colombo
  • Hawthorn
Diploma of Engineering (UniLink) (8 months) (Degree Transfer Program)A$23100 (total for 2015)8 Month/sFebruary, June, October
  • Colombo
  • Hawthorn
Diploma of Information Technology (UniLink) (12 months) (Degree Transfer Program)A$23250 (total for 2015)1 Year/sFebruary, June, October
  • Hawthorn
Diploma of Information Technology (UniLink) (8 months) (Degree Transfer Program)A$20650 (total for 2015)8 Month/sFebruary, June, October
  • Hawthorn

Professional Year Program
Swinburne College, in association with the relevant professional bodies is pleased to offer the following Professional Year Programs.
  • Australian Computer Society (ACS) Professional Year Program
  • Engineers Australia’s (EA) Professional Year in Engineering
  • Skilled Migration Internship Program - Accounting (SMIPA) 
Group Programs
Swinburne group programs are a great introduction to life and study in Australia. Swinburne College has extensive experience in developing and implementing a variety of tailored programs for foreign university partners, government agencies and businesses.

More information about Swinburne College, view HERE

UTAS Foundation, Tasmania

  • UTAS Foundation Studies is an innovative integrated program which equips students with knowledge and skills for success at university. 
  • The program is a 28 week Standard Foundation as approved by Australian government legislation. 
  • This is an excellent opportunity to commence a University of Tasmania degree course after 28 weeks of study.
  • There is one entry point into UTAS Foundation Studies - February (for degree commencement Semester 1 the following year).

Program Structure

There are three streams: Science & Engineering, Business & Finance or Arts & Communication.

Subjects are:
  • Biology
  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • Communication & Media
  • English for Tertiary Studies
  • Information Management
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Psychology
After completing UTAS Foundation Studies with required Grade Point Average (PDF 213.36KB) student may choose to commence:
  • First year undergraduate degree
  • Combined degree
  • Associate degree
  • Diploma studies
More information about UTAS Foundation, view HERE

The University of Queensland Foundation Year

  • The Foundation Year program is accredited to provide students with a 30954QLD Certificate IV in University Preparation (CRICOS Course Code 075730A).
  • Students who achieve the specific standards are guaranteed a place in the first year of undergraduate courses at The University of Queensland.
  • Graduates enter all faculties of UQ including Arts; Sciences; Business, Economics & Law; Engineering, Architecture & Information Technology; Health Sciences and Social & Behavioural Sciences.
  • There are three different programs, with six intake dates throughout the year.

Standard PLUS Program - 44 weeks
Available in January and July each year this program contains an extra seven week module consisting of Mathematics and intensive English taught via PierSim, a 3-D simulation experience.
The program is suitable for all students who have reached an IELTS of 5.0, especially younger students, students with high academic aspirations (e.g. Pharmacy, Vet Science studies) and students who need to increase their English language competency.

Standard Program - 37 weeks

Recommended for students with good academic results and English language proficiency of IELTS 5.5 or equivalent. The program has two start dates each year - February and July.
Express Program - 27 weeks
Available in May and September each year this program is designed for students who have stronger English language proficiency (IELTS 6.0 or above) and are capable of handling a faster pace of tuition.
Also suitable for students who have completed a matriculation program in their own country but have not quite met the entry levels for undergraduate study or who need to gain assumed knowledge in certain subjects. 

Course duration by start date:

ProgramTeaching Week DurationHoliday Week Duration
January Standard PLUS
48 weeks duration
44 weeks
4 weeks
February Standard
41 weeks duration
37 weeks
4 weeks
May Express
28 weeks duration
27 weeks
1 week
July Standard
48 weeks duration
38 weeks
10 weeks
July Standard PLUS
48 weeks duration
44 weeks
4 weeks
September Express
39 weeks duration
30 weeks
9 weeks

Program Dates 2014 - 2016

July Standard 2014
September Express 2014
January Standard PLUS 2015
February Standard 2015
May Express 2015
July Standard 2015
July Standard PLUS 2015
September Express 2015

Course Structure

Students complete five subjects - two compulsory subjects and three electives.

  • Foundation Year Scholarships
  • UQ Scholarships

Programs with Quota Intakes

  • Limited places are available in the Bachelor of Dental Science, Veterinary Science, and Physiotherapy Programs.
  • A higher IELTS score (or equivalent) is required for entry to these undergraduate programs.
  • Prospective Physiotherapy students must also achieve a GPA of 6.0 and IELTS of 6.5 or above after the completion of the first semester of Foundation Year to remain within contention for the undergraduate program.

More infomation about UQ Foundation Year, view HERE.

UNSW Foundation Studies, Sydney

  • UNSW Foundation Studies provides foundation courses to assist students in meeting tertiary admission requirements and preparing for university entry.
  • It is based at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) campus in Kensington, a suburb of Sydney.
  • The UNSW Foundation Studies program commenced in 1989 and is the longest running foundation studies program in Australia.
  • Successful international students have a guaranteed place via a provisional offer to an undergraduate degree at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney.
Academic Program

Choose a Degree
To help in choosing the best stream and subjects for the Foundation program, it'll need to match them to UNSW degree. 

Choose a Stream
UNSW Foundation Studies offers 4 Areas of Study that lead to a university undergraduate degree. UNSW Foundation Studies offers 9 streams of study within the four broad subject options. The term ‘stream’ to refer to the package of subjects that student need to study, which will provide a pathway into a specific undergraduate degree course at the University of New South Wales.
Please note:
  • All 9 streams of study are offered in the Standard, Standard Plus and English Plus programs.
  • Only Physical Science, Life Science, Commerce and Commerce Actuarial streams are offered in the Transition program.
Choose a Program

Standard PlusStandardTransitionFoundation English Entry Course (FEEC)
Duration12 months9 months4 months10 weeks
Suitable for those whoDo not qualify for the Standard Program and would benefit from a slower pace of study to improve academic skills and proficiency in English.Are progressing well in high school but seeking an alternative pathway to university. Or have completed high school but have had a lengthy break from formal study.Have completed a matriculation qualification and narrowly missed direct entry to university.Need additional English to gain entry into a UNSW Foundation Studies Program or students who would like extra practise in an English speaking academic environment.
Min. IELTS* English level

More »
5.5 with a writing sub-score of 5.05.5 with a 5.0 in all sub-scores6.0 with a writing sub-score of 5.5FEEC/Standard or Standard PLUS - 5.0 with a writing sub-score of 4.5
FEEC/Transition Program 5.5 with a writing sub-score of 5.0
Academic Achievement*

More »
Good results in Yr 11 or Yr 12Strong results in Yr 11 or Yr 12Yr 12 with excellent resultsMust meet the requirements for one of the UNSW Foundation Studies Programs.
StreamsAll streamsAll streamsCommerce & Science Streams onlyCan be packaged with any Stream and Program
More DetailsMore DetailsMore DetailsMore Details

More information about UNSW Foundation Studies, view HERE

Need more information, please contact or visit your nearest JM Office.

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