February 02, 2015

Navitas at WKU (USA) - Social Media Engagement Scholarships

Social Media Engagement Scholarships - Summer/Fall 2015
Navitas at WKU students can earn a 10% scholarship towards their tuition fees by sharing their interest in WKU on a social media network of their choice!

Rules and details of scholarships:

·    Any future Navitas at WKU student applying for UPP or PMP have the potential to receive this scholarship (1).

·    Earning this scholarship requires a student to submit a <30 second video or 15+ word message on WHY WKU to a social media network of their choice (WeChat, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, etc) using any of these hashtags: #WhyWKU #WKUSelfie #WKUme.

·    Agencies can allow students to add their agency name hashtags for exposure as well.

·    Posts must be genuine and appropriate and can be communicated in students’ native language.

How to apply:
  • Students will post their video or message on social media. 
  • A screen shot or link is to be sent with the student’s admissions application to admissions.wku@navitas.com
  • All applicants must submit their entries prior to accepting an offer for study at Navitas @ WKU.
  • Students will be notified on their status of receiving this scholarship through email.(2)

* Scholarship is valued at approximately US$2,230 (UPP) and approximately US$909 (PMP) to be credited from students’ invoice. 
(1) ESLI students are not elible for this scholarship. 
(2) A maximum of 30 UPP/15 PMP scholarships will be distributed during May and August intakes. 

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