February 02, 2015

NAVITAS Florida Atlantic University - United States of America

FAU Scholarships Opportunity 

As a part of the recruitment strategy to diversify future Navitas at FAU cohorts, the univeristy is offering scholarships which open to students from any region of  the the world. Students must request this scholarship as a part of their application process. Navitas regional office recommendation is encouraged. The scholarship is a reduction of program tuition fees. 
10% off tuition scholarships. 
(May 2015 - maximum 9 scholarships and August 2015 - maximum 18 scholarships)

Merit scholarships are for students with a higher academic qualification (students with 2.9 GPA+ and 5.5 IELTS+) seeking to be rewarded for their performance. Students wishing to apply for this scholarship need to request consideration during their application process. These will be awarded on a first come, first served basis. 
10% off tuition scholarships. 
(May 2015 - maximum 5 scholarships and August 2015 - maximum 10 scholarships)

US$100 to students for posting #NavitasFAU  on any social media site. 
Social Media scholarships are encouraged for all students to participate in. It’s a very simple process for students to post on any social media network about why they want to study at FAU and add #NavitasFAU. If the post is considered reasonable and legitimate by Navitas@FAU, the student will be given a US$100 discount on their fees in the first intake.

For any inquiry, please contact or visit your nearest JM Office. 

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