February 09, 2015

University of Gloucestershire (UK): MBA Courses Introduction 2015

Want to study an MBA in the UK? University of Gloucestershire offers a wide range of MBA programmes that provide you with an understanding of the principles of management and the different functional perspectives related to management. MBAs enhance your employability by developing your understanding and leadership skills, and ensure you and your organisation maintain a competitive advantage.

Course Benefits

• Work experience is not necessary for entry
• All MBAs have both September and January start dates
• MBA Scholarships and other financial aid available (up to 50%)
• Staff with industry work-experience
• Develop a skill-set for tackling complex business challenges
• Learn through real-world and applied projects (including international business perspectives)

MBA Programmes:

Today’s fast-paced and complex business environments demand creative, innovative mind-sets and leaders and managers with the ability to build sustained business growth. MBAs provide you with an enhanced management and leadership skillset to ensure you are well-equipped to meet these challenges. The courses ensure you have the knowledge and skills required for career preparation for management positions, or business start-ups.

The University of Gloucestershire offers the following MBA programmes:

MBA Business Administration
MBA Co-operative Enterprise
MBA Hospitality
MBA Education
MBA Creative Industries
MBA Retail

Entry points:

January and September 2015

Prinkya Uppal (India)
MBA Business Administration

“I was attracted to the Cheltenham and Gloucester area after reading about it in Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’ and ‘Mansfield Park’ and was drawn to the Regency character of the place. The course is stimulating and keeps you on your toes. No-one in the group has a finance background so it is quite an achievement that we’re all doing so well so far. I feel that I have also achieved a lot personally by undertaking the course as I’ve come to this country and lived alone (like many international students of the University, English is not my first language) and done well. My next step will be to do a PhD in Business Administration and I’m hoping to also do that at this University.”

Jocelyne Fleming BA (Psych) Cert Ed
Course Leader

Jocelyne spent a number of years working in voluntary and public sector social services and the NHS. She then worked as a Management Development Consultant and Training and Education Manager for the local community NHS Trust. Jocelyne’s interests include; Change Management, Action Learning, Action Research, Human Resource Development and Management Development.

Tel: +44 1242 714294
Email: jfleming@glos.ac.uk

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