February 16, 2015

University of Melbourne - Australia

Undergraduate International Students now eligible for travel discount!

Victoria's public transport discount scheme for international students, known as the iUSEpass is due to commence February 2015. University of Melbourne international students enrolled in a full time course at either Bachelor or Associate Degree level are able to purchase a half-price annual myki ticket for the zone/s in which they study. Students can seek further information from the Student Centre.

News from Faculties/ Graduate Schools

The Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Melbourne School of Government

The new programs as given below:

Melbourne School of Design

MSD will not accept resubmissions of design portfolio. If a student is rejected based on the assessment of their design portfolio they will need to reapply for the following intake with a new online application and a new design portfolio. 

Students applying for this course are encouraged to submit a course syllabus if they wish to gain maximum advanced standing. 
300 point stream in the Master of Landscape, Property or Construction does not have a mid-year intake. Exceptions to this may apply where students are eligible for advanced standing. 
There is no mid-year intake into the 300 point streams - Master of Architecture. 
Reminder — when submitting transcripts please include the grading scale. 
Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences
International students who are trained nurses and wishing to upgrade professionally can now apply for the new 2-year Master of Advanced Nursing program. This new program is an appropriate theory-option for international students wishing to pursue advanced nursing study. 
For any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact or visit your nearest JM OFFICE. 

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