March 31, 2015

University of Strathclyde - United Kingdom

Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Scholarship

MEng/BEng Degree in Biomedical Engineering

  • valued at £4,000 off the fees (for each year of 5 years MEng / 4 years BEng)
  • competitvely & has to apply for it
  • deadline: 1st July 2015

BSc (Hons) in Prosthetics and Orthotics

  • valued at £4,000 off the fees (for each of 4 years)
  • competitvely & has to apply for it
  • deadline: 1st July 2015
Further information, please view link as given below:

For any inquiry, please feel free to contact / visit your nearest JM Office. 

March 30, 2015

University of Western Australia - Australia


Faculty of Science - Scholarships for PG Coursework

Science International Postgraduate Merit scholarships
  • available to full-fee paying international students
  • valued at either $12,000 or $6,000
  • need to have accepted an offer
  • will be considered automatically
Eligible degrees:
  • Agricultural Science 
  • Biotechnology
  • Health Science 
  • Physics
  • Etc. 

Faculty of Science - UG Scholarships

International Undergraduate Scholarships for Malaysian Students – 2015/2016

  • awarded on the basis of academic excellence
  • valued up to A$15000 ($5000 per year for a maximum of three years)
  • completing, or have completed, A-Levels; UEC; STPM; Canadian Matriculation; IB; UWAFP; WAUFP; or a recognised Australian Matriculation Program, such as AusMat or SAM.
  • Have applied for entry to the Bachelor of Science at UWA
Eligible majors:
  • Anatomy and Human Biology 
  • Geography
  • Sport Science 
  • Zoology
  • Etc.
Scholarship application deadlines 
  • For Semester 2 (August) 2015 apply by 31 May 2015.
  • For Semester 1 (February) 2016 apply by 30 November 2015.
Online Scholarship applications 

UWA Business School - UG Scholarships

UWA Business School International Undergraduate Scholarships for Malaysian Students

  • valued at $15,000 over three years
  • awarded on the basis of academic merit and leadership potentia
  • completing, or have completed, A-levels, AusMat, International Baccalaureate (IB), SAM, STPM, UEC, WACE or Foundation Program 
  • apply for entry to  the Bachelor of Commerce 
  • submitting a written response of not more than 500 words outlining leadership and extracurricular activities
Scholarship application deadlines 
  • for students commencing in Semester 2, 2015 close on 30 April, 2015
  • for students commencing in Semester 1, 2016 close on 30 November, 2015
Online Scholarship applications 

For more information, please contact your nearest JM OFFICE. 

March 20, 2015

Attractive Scheme for March/April intake! by KDU College, Malaysia

Promotion for March/April intake:

  • enjoy RM1000 cash back while receiving scholarship* (From 17 March to 22 March 2015 including The Star Fair)
  • enjoy RM400 registration fee waiver while receiving scholarship* (from 23 March to 31 March 2015 or register for other intakes (May – October intakes))

*Terms & Conditions Apply

March 18, 2015

Important "Alert" from the University of Melbourne - Australia

News from Faculties/ Graduate Schools

Faculty of Science

Due to the large number of students that the Faculty of Science accepted in the start year 2015 intake, Science will be strictly adhering to the mid-year closing date for any Bachelor of Science International Applications. No applications received after May 31 2015 will be considered.

Melbourne Law School

Change to entry requirements for the Melbourne JD

Applicants for the Melbourne JD no longer need to submit a personal statement. Selection into the Melbourne JD is based on academic results in all previous tertiary study and the score in the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) only.

This is applicable for 2016 onwards. The selection criteria is assessed in a holistic way and no single criterion is determinative in the selection process.

Please refer to selection criteria for further information.

Melbourne School of Education

For the first time, the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE) is offering a mid-year intake in 2015 into the Master of Teaching (Early Childhood).

Students commencing this intake will have an opportunity to become familiar with the Australian education environment in their first semester, which will ensure they are better prepared to face the challenges of the program. In turn this can help them achieve better results in the course and improve your employability in the future.

The course has some differences in structure compared with the start-year intake. For more information, visit Master of Teaching (Early Childhood).

For any inquiry, please feel free to contact your nearest JM OFFICE. 

March 17, 2015

New International Scholarships at Staffordshire University

A new range of International Scholarships for entry in September 2015 and January 2016. 

South East Asia:                Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand

A)     New Merit Scholarships

Available to international students (domiciled in the countries above) enrolling for the first time on campus in September 2015 or January 2016.
The Merit scholarships will be awarded automatically on application to the University as follows:

(International Year One Engineering)

Automatic £1,000 scholarship for applicants who meet the published entry requirements

Automatic £1,000 Scholarship for applicants who meet the published entry requirements
Postgraduate taught

Automatic Scholarship as follows:

Applicants with results equivalent to UK First Class degree: £2,000
Applicants with results equivalent to UK 2:1 degree: £1,500
Applicants with results equivalent to UK 2:2 degree: £1,000

B)      New Undergraduate Progression Scholarships

The New Undergraduate Progression Scholarships will be awarded on an annual basis dependent on performance across the full academic year.
For example, if a student achieves First Class Aggregate grades at the end of their first-year studies at Staffordshire, they will automatically qualify for a £2,000 discount on their second-year tuition fees.
Full details follow:

On progression toward Years 2, 3 and 4 (dependent on performance across the full academic year) the following will be awarded:

Aggregate First Class Degree:     £2,000
Aggregate 2.1 Class Degree:        £1,500
Aggregate 2.2 Class Degree:        £1,000

C)      International Partnerships Progression Scholarship

£1,000 Scholarship for all students who progress to Staffordshire University from an International Partner Institution

D)     Eligibility Criteria

1.       Eligibility by country
Scholarships are to be confined to international tuition fee payers only who are domiciled in one of the countries listed above.
This will be evidenced in the application process by the submission of a valid passport.

2.       Eligibility by funding status
Scholarships will be available to self-funding students only and not to those in receipt of company, government or philanthropic trust funding.
For example, students funded by Shell, the Saudi government, the Aga Khan Foundation etc. will not be eligible for a Staffordshire University scholarship.

3.        Students who receive the Alumni Discount of 15% will not be eligible for any further Staffordshire University scholarship.

4.       Students who receive the International Partner Progression Scholarship will not be eligible for any further Staffordshire University scholarship.

5.       Eligibility for Undergraduate Progression Scholarship
Should a student repeat a year due to academic failure, they will not receive a Progression Scholarship as they will not have demonstrated satisfactory academic progress.

For any information, please feel free to contact/visit your nearest JM OFFICE. 

March 16, 2015

INTO USF- Pathway Program

Dear Students,

The University of South Florida in Tampa, ranked the country’s 45th Best College City, is one of the largest and most respected research universities in the United States, and the only university in Florida with a proven track record in delivering high quality, successful Pathway programs

To find out more on the pathway to University of South Florida, please contact your nearest 

March 14, 2015

Coventry Art and Design Graduate Profiles

Dear students,

Looking for a stepping stone in Hollywood?

Read up on Coventry University graduates' success story! 

To find out more on Art and Design courses at Coventry University, call your nearest JM Office today!

Kevin De La Noy

BA Communications Graduate

Executive Film Producer
When he left Coventry University in 1983, Communication Studies graduate Kevin De La Noy was unsure about his future. His desire to travel and his determination to do something different led him towards the exciting film industry. Starting with various low-paid jobs, he gradually built up his understanding of the industry. He finally discovered a role that was ideal for him: a producer.

Being able to identify his strengths may be the reason for Kevin’s success in the world of Hollywood. His credits so far include Titanic, Saving Private Ryan, Braveheart, Mission Impossible 1 and 2, The Last Samurai, Blood Diamond, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. 
“Organisation is what I do best. To be a producer you have to be highly organised and know how to balance everything – under constant pressure. This role suited me. I can get 20 calls an hour – each one different and requesting weird stuff. But that’s what I love. You have to enjoy it to stay in control.”

“When you get your degree, you think that the certificate is going to open all these doors for you. It does open the first door, but behind it, there’s a flight of stairs. It’s bloody hard work and you have to be prepared to put everything into it.”

Christopher Townsend

BA Graphic Design Graduate

Award-winning Visual Effects Supervisor
Christopher Townsend was the visual effects supervisor for many accredited movies, including Iron Man 3Pirates of the Caribbean: Dean Man’s Chest and disaster movie The Day After Tomorrow. He was nominated for both an Academy Award and a BAFTA last year for Iron Man 3.

Talking about how the Graphic Design course supported him in his filmmaking job, Christopher said:
The most influential factor that contributes to his success may be his passion, as Christopher doesn’t consider his job as just ‘working:’

“Coventry University’s graphic design degree course was one of the early adopters of computer graphics, so when I graduated in 1988, it gave me a solid understanding and knowledge base to take into my career in film.
Some people look at Higher Education as just being a stepping stone, but I was fortunate enough to choose a vocational course which really taught me some great life skills that I’ve been able to use every day.”

“I don’t just have a job, it’s a lifestyle. Working in the film industry can be very rewarding and can be very hard; often I’ll work six-day weeks and 14-hour days. You’ve got to really love what you do.”
Alison Snowden

BA Graphic Design Graduate

Award-winning Film Maker

Alison Snowden is an English animator, voice actress, producer, and screenwriter, best known for the cartoon series ‘Bob and Margaret‘.

You may relate to her story of transforming from a shy student to a highly accomplished filmmaker. Although Alison had demonstrated her talent in art and storytelling from an early age, her career advisor at secondary school had said that she was far too shy to consider a career in the Arts! Luckily Alison decided to take a foundation course at Mansfield Art College, followed by a degree in Graphic Design at Coventry University.

A milestone in her life could be when Alison attended Britain’s National Film and Television School. Here she met her husband, David Fine, who is also a filmmaker. They both studied live action and discovered a similar passion for animation. At the end of the four-year course, the couple embarked on creating a short animated film: ‘Second Class Mail.’ This film won numerous awards including an Oscar nomination, leading to Alison pursuing a career with David, who soon became her husband. Their films have been nominated for Oscars three times; they also won an Oscar for Best Short Film for Bob’s Birthday.

Dale Driver

BA Media Production Graduate

Award-winning Film Maker
Dale Driver chose to leave the engineering job he had been familiar with for 11 years to follow his true dream of becoming a professional filmmaker. He decided to enrol on the Media Production course at Coventry University to hone his skills and complete his short film project “Citizen.” The sci-fi film was shortlisted for a number of awards and secured the runner-up position in the Best Sci-Fi Film category at the 2014 ITSA Film Festival in California. It was also shown in Europe and featured on the Sky’s film programme ‘My Cine Shorts.’

Dale now runs his own commercial and corporate film company, Blue Ridge Films, and recently won ‘Best Videographer’ for the West Midlands in the Wedding Industry Awards. He is now working on his second sci-fi film “Goldfish.”
“Make the most of your time at university, because you’ll never have that much spare time, freedom and access to equipment again. Art and Design offer the wonderful Media Loan Shop and you should use this wealth of tools at every opportunity. Just hire everything out, learn about it, play with it and fail with it. Also, get experience and meet people wherever you can, treat every job with the utmost importance. It may seem like nothing at the time, but by doing a good job, you are creating contacts, and that’s how you REALLY get the opportunities in life.”

Nicole Agba

BA Transport Design Graduate

Auto Car – Courtland Next Generation Award 2014 winner

Besides the many graduates who have been working to become established experts in their fields, there are also a number of young graduates achieving early success at the very first stage of their career. A typical example is Nicole Agba

Nicole was announced as the winner of the Autocar-Courland Next Generation Award 2014 at the age of 23, just a week after her graduation from her CU course.
Her car design impressed the judging panel, including Autocar Magazine’s editor, for its innovative concept: the biometric steering wheel uses a smart fabric with sensors to monitor the driver’s heart and respiration rate. This means it is potentially capable of detecting the symptoms that indicate fatigue, anger or nervousness in a driver. The award came with the opportunity for her to undertake five months of work experience at JLR, Peugeot, Toyota, McLaren and Skoda respectively.
“Work hard, network and love what you do! Find the area of design that you not only enjoy, but thrive in. The design industry is very competitive, make the most out of every opportunity open to you and remain optimistic.
Coventry University’s amazing reputation in the automotive industry is what initially attracted me to the course. The best thing about the course was that it gave me the opportunity to evolve and grow into the designer I am today.”

Kayleigh Wright

Final year BA Fashion Student

Winner of the Broadweavers and Clothiers Bursary

Kayleigh Wright has just won the Broadweavers and Clothiers Bursary for her amazing portfolio. Talking about her studies at Coventry University, she has pinpointed the main advantages of the course that led to her achievements: the placement opportunities, financial support, high quality facilities and flexibility of course content.

Kayleigh also noted the advantages of cultural experiences in nourishing her ideas and inspiration. That’s why she decided to apply for the Erasmus program run by the university. Through Erasmus, Kayleigh spent 10 months studying in an arts academy in Milan.

Kayleigh is currently traveling around the famous cities within the fashion world, looking for inspiration for her final major projects and updating her sketchbook. On her return she hopes for a graduate job within London’s innovative fashion industry.

You can read about Kayleigh’s adventures in fashion, and life in Milan, on her blog: I Am Kayleigh Wright

“The encouragement to pursue international work placements, study and research along with the financial support given by the university to undertake those travels are a real selling point. Equally the facilities available for the fashion department are amazing, the space in the studios and equipment available allow you to really explore design boundaries. Within the rest of art and design building, there are a multitude of workshops that you can book yourself onto at any time. Furthermore the teaching staff are incredibly supportive and talented. Now in final year, I’m receiving critical feedback weekly on a one-to-one level, focusing specifically on my individual project to ensure that I’m on target to achieve what I want. The freedom to pursue your own specific area of interest is also a massively unique part of the course. Although I have chosen the design route, other students within fashion are pursuing areas such as PR, filmmaking and events management. As long as you can explain your vision and they can understand how you can achieve it, it’s likely you can do it!”

“To be immersed in a different environment and learning to tailor yourself to their way of life is so interesting! Naively, I did approach the exchange with the attitude of ‘how different can it be?’ However, it really is very different! I’d advise anyone within art and design to gain the experience of living abroad, for any period of time.”

March 13, 2015

Hull University Business School- Scholarship and Bursaries for International Students

Dear Students,

University of Hull Business School is offering financial support to students through a range of scholarship and bursaries for September 2015 entry;

Available Scholarships and Bursaries:

  1. Undergraduate
  2. Msc Scholarship
  3. Msc Bursaries for non-University Hull Graduates
  4. MBA Scholarships
  5. Full-time MBA Bursaries
Please contact your nearest JM Office for full details of scholarships, eligibility criteria, how to apply and deadlines.

March 12, 2015

INTO Newcastle 100% Scholarship

Dear Students,

In the spirit of promoting excellence and opportunities for international students  INTO Newcastle is pleased to announce the 2015-16 100% Foundation Scholarships

These scholarships are available for: 

  • International Foundation in Architecture
  • International Foundation in Biological and Biomedical Sciences and International Foundation in Physical Sciences
  • International Foundation in Business Management
  • International Foundation in Humanities and Social Sciences

There are 10 available- 6 for Sept 2015 and 4 for January 2016.

Students must first apply for their Foundation course, and send an application to us once they have received their offer.

Submission deadlines are –

Submission deadline
September 2015: Friday 24 July 2015
January 2016: Friday 6 November 2015

Awards announced
September 2015: Friday 7 August 2015
January 2016: Friday 20 November 2015

For more details and assistance on applying to INTO Newcastle and scholarship, please contact your nearest JM Office.

March 10, 2015

Lincoln University (New Zealand) - English Further Study Awards 2015

English language Further study awards

We are excited to announce our new English Further Study Awards for 2015, exclusively offered to our trusted agents.  This award is valued at NZ$5,040. 

To qualify students need to hold a condition offer to one of the following programmes:

AND also have yet to achieve the English language requirement for that programme.

When students study a minimum 12 week English for Academic Purposes (EAP) at Lincoln University’s English Language School, then successfully pass the programme and go to pay for their next programme of study (one of the above) then the tuition for that programme will be reduced to the value of $5,040 (the cost of 12 weeks EAP).  The award has a maximum value of $5,040 even if they study more than 12 weeks EAP.

Awards are limited and the closing date for this offering is August 2015.  The future of this award really depends on how well your agency supports this initiative as good performing agencies may be granted an extension of this award, so please inform all of your prospective students asap.  When the student receives a conditional offer and applies for EAP at Lincoln they will formally be informed of the award offering.

Download our brochure

Please download our brochure here

Middlesex University London, UK


Middlesex University appoints Tim Blackman as new Vice-Chancellor

Professor Blackman will join Middlesex from The Open University where he is Acting Vice-Chancellor.  He will succeed Professor Michael Driscoll, who has led Middlesex University for nearly 20 years as Vice-Chancellor, and who will retire in the summer.

Campus tours - every Tuesday and Wednesday

If your students are planning a visit to London, make sure you remind them about our weekly campus tours. Current students will be on hand to show-off our world-class facilities and answer questions, and after the tour admissions staff will be available to answer questions in a drop-in session.

We run campus tours every Tuesday at 2pm and every Wednesday at 1pm from reception. 

New courses for 2015

The Middlesex course portfolio has been further strengthened, with a range of new courses for 2015 across our five schools - from new politics and LLB courses; to creative courses in design, writing, publishing and theatre arts; and new postgraduate business, economics and banking courses.

Pre-sessional English

Each year many international students begin their Middlesex degree with a pre-sessional English course. The dates, fees and application form for our 2015-16 pre-sessional courses are now available on our website and in the our new pre-sessional leaflet.

LLB students through to EU Law Moot Court Competition regional final

The first ever team of LLB students from Middlesex University to enter the European Law Moot Court Competition has qualified for the regional finals of the prestigious annual mooting competition – the second largest of its kind in the world.

Middlesex achieves a First in green university rankings

Middlesex University has been named a 'First Class University' by People and Planet. Middlesex ranked 24th in league table of UK’s most sustainable universities

The University of Auckland, New Zealand

Australia Catholic University (Australia) - Applications for the International Student Scholarship (ISS) are now open

Applications for the ISS (Semester 2) are now open: from the 1st to the 31st of March 2015.

Students must hold a letter of offer from ACU before they can apply for the scholarship.

As it may take 2-3 weeks for ACU program applications to be processed, we strongly recommend applications be submitted as soon as possible to obtain a letter of offer by March.

ACU offers the ISS to up to 20 international students starting undergraduate or postgraduate courses each year. These scholarships cover 50% of the recipients’ full-time tuition fees. ACU also offers full tuition scholarships for up to two international students starting research degrees each year. These scholarships are awarded to students who can demonstrate academic excellence, including an average result of at least 80% in their prior studies.

To be eligible for the ISS, a prospective student must:
  • Be an international student from a country other than Australia or New Zealand.
  • Hold an offer for a place in an undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD program at ACU.
  • Be willing to enrol at ACU as a full-time student upon accepting the scholarship. You must be enrolled full time to continue receiving the scholarship.
  • Not have received another scholarship or award.
  • Not be an ACU Study Abroad or Exchange student.

For full details and requirements, please visit our website:
or feel free to visit your nearest JM office.  

Lasalle College of the Arts (Singapore) - Undergrad Open Day

For those who work harder and demand more of themselves, LASALLE has it.

An award-winning faculty of accomplished professors and lecturers. Opportunities to engage with visiting artists and successful alumni. Industry-leading facilities that are the envy of others.

This is why within the creative industry, our graduates continue to get the nod – 90% of our local graduates secured jobs within 3 months after graduation.

So join us if you want a successful career in the arts. Because the advantage of a LASALLE education can be yours.

LASALLE, in partnership with Goldsmiths, University of London, provides tertiary arts education within a dynamic environment that reflects the collaborative and interactive discipline inherent in artistic practice.

Find out for yourself why LASALLE has it at our Undergrad Open Day. Engage with our educators, alumni, and students. Immerse yourself in the LASALLE experience now!

Be Inspired By Our Alumni

Elvin Siew
Faith Tan
Lim Si Ping
Pauline Lim
Mina Kaye
Boo Junfeng
Genevieve Chua
Riduan Zalani