May 06, 2015

Raffles College of Higher Education

Raffles Designer Samal Bandara's award-winning 

animation positively impacting the United States

Samal Bandara who graduated from Bachelor of Arts (Visual Communication), with major in Animation, won the Art With Impact Film Contest in November 2014. Through the use of animation, his short film SCHIZOPHRENIA visually portrays the distress from people affected by schizophrenia and highlights the harms that arise from the stigma and lack of understanding of this condition. His film aims to illustrate the full extent of the disorder and the detrimental effects of schizophrenia on one's life that most other people would not experience or understand. However, with great care and acceptance, there is a possibility that the affected people could find a small ounce of freedom from their constant nightmare.

View Samal's award-winning video 

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