May 08, 2015

The University of Western Australia - Australia

The University of Western Australia is proud to announce a new $2m scholarship program for selected coursework masters students from Malaysia:

UWA International Masters Scholarships

Marking the launch of a new range of coursework masters at UWA, the program seeks to strengthen the diversity of international students on the UWA campus and across its disciplines, and provide a truly international experience.

Who is eligible?
UWA invites high achieving Malaysian students undertaking graduate studies to apply for this scholarship.  Eligibility is assessed on the student’s GPA.
What is the scholarship?
Depending on their GPA, eligible students will receive a merit-based scholarship of either AUD$3,000, AUD$5,000 or AUD$7,000 which will be applied as a reduction on each year of their tuition fee.

Which courses does it apply to?
There is a wide range of courses included in the program from nearly every faculty in the university.

                                                                               Article is courtesy of  The University of Western Australia 

                       For more information, please contact/visit your nearest JM Office today

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