May 21, 2016

The University of Western Australia- Australia


New 3+3 Direct Pathway for Medicine and Dentistry
UWA is delighted to introduce a new, condensed 6-year course for Medicine or Dentistry available through our new “Direct Pathways”, commencing in 2017.
Direct Pathways offer students the peace of mind of an assured place in their professional medicine or dentistry degree, and a shorter overall duration than the previous 3+4 model. Students who qualify for a Direct Pathway will commence a 3-year Bachelor degree, with a major in Medical Sciences, followed by a 3-year Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Dental Medicine.
Graduate entry
Students who do not qualify for a Direct Pathway may still complete the Medical Sciences major and then apply for a 3-year Graduate Entry program. Students looking for a graduate-entry Medicine and Dentistry program (without a UWA Medical Science major) will continue to apply for the 4-year Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD).
Closing dates for Medicine and Dentistry
Applications for 2017 commencement in the Direct Pathway and Graduate Entry Medicine and Dentistry  programs close 31 May 2016.
For more information, please see attached Medical Sciences flyer. 
New Direct Pathway Professional Programs
UWA now has 35 Direct Pathways to postgraduate professional degrees, to replace our existing limited number of Assured Entry Pathways (AEP). These new pathways give qualifying students place in their professional degree of choice when they  apply as an undergraduate student. Direct Pathways are designed for students who are striving for a particular career and want clear direction and the fastest route to achieve an internationally-recognised professional qualification. In addition, there is still the flexibility to change profession/discipline if they decide that pathway is not for them.
Direct Pathways are available in seven disciplines - Architecture, Arts, Engineering, Medicine & Health, Law, Psychology and Teaching. 
Courses that meet student and industry demand
The introduction of Direct Pathways comes following a recent review of UWA’s courses. In 2012, UWA was one of the first universities in Australia to make significant changes to its undergraduate course structure, aligning it to an international model that better prepares graduates for the challenges of a changing world and employment market. The outcome of the review, which involved consultation with
students, career advisers and industry, reinforced the flexibility that a degree from UWA affordstudents and highlighted the need for a greater range of pathways to professional careers, leading to the development of Direct Pathways. 
For more information, please contact/visit your nearest JM Office today.

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