March 22, 2017

Disted College- Malaysia

Dear student,  a wonderful news would like to share with you about Disted College!

Diploma in Computer Science (JTP) linking student to pursue their Degree entirely in Japan. Students get FREE Japanese –Language Proficiency Course worth up to RM 8000.
During the student’s 2 years 4 months Diploma, they are required to learn up the Japanese Language from N5-N2. With this fee waiver, student can learn a new language at zero cost.

High Performance Scholarship Fund- TUITION FEE waiver up to RM 12,400. We have recently launched the High Performance Scholarship for students with 9As and above (A+, A, A-). The award is spread over 2 long semesters in the Pre-U and our Diploma programs and applicants need NOT attend an interview, perform any duties nor maintain any results in their first year of studies. Upon completing their first year of studies, recipients will then revert to our existing Merit Award subject to them maintaining an average of 3.0/4.0 CGPA or 70% average.

Diploma in Food and Beverage Management – Tuition fee waiver for 1st long semester only.

What are you waiting for? Apply with JM now! 

For more information, please contact/visit your nearest JM Office today.

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