May 05, 2017

University of Otago- New Zealand

An latest update for University of Otago!

Overall International students numbers and EFTS are up by 7% on last year’s semester 1 figures. There was an increase in the number of students across all countries within the South East Asia region, so thank you for helping me achieve these targets.

You have all been waiting patiently for me to release the number of international places for the Health professional programmes for 2017, which are attached. I will not know what the number of places for 2018 just yet (as we have to wait for the NZ Government to release the NZ budget in May) but we will update the website accordingly:

There were some surprises:
Dentistry offered 16 internationals places into 2nd year Dentistry
Medicine offered 10 internationals places into 2nd year Medicine
Physiotherapy has increased their international places to 10. I was very surprised to see that only three students (out of 21 offers) are studying Physiotherapy in 2017. The 18 other students choose Medicine, Dentistry or another programme over the Physiotherapy?  

EVision online applications for 2018 are open from 1 May
From the 1 May you will be able to apply for all programmes, except Teaching (opens in August). Please remember that the online applications for the Residential Colleges don’t open until August.
Master of Dentistry with endorsement in Aesthetic Dentistry
The Head of Aesthetic Dentistry, Prof Bennani is asking you to promote this new programme within your database of registered Dentists. The following text is from Prof Bennai to the International Office.
The program is new and started this year. It is quite successful and has simulated many interests nationally but we would like to target more internationals students. The Master of Dentistry with endorsement in Aesthetic Dentistry is the only one offered in Austral-Asia (Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia) and would be of great value for dentists in this region if promoted appropriately.
We are also willing to promote the program in Brazil, Argentina and India. Dental Aesthetic is in high demand in these countries and there are with very limited of one full time program proposed in this field.
We would be interested to promote this program for the second cohort of student (starting end of January 2018) may be through the agencies you are in contact with in these parts of the world.

The Masters of Dentistry has now been extended to 31 July 2017 application closing date.

                  For more information, please contact/visit your nearest JM Office today.

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Article is courtesy of  University of Otago

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